Friday, June 15, 2007


This is a website devoted to posts and discussions regarding literature, rhetoric, and activities in Mr. Walsh's two tenth grade honors courses.

To comment, you need to establish a Google Account, which will allow you to participate and to create your own blog. You will be creating your own blog for independent reading later in the year.

Expectations: You will be expected to check and respond to comments regularly. You must comment at least once a week. I will guide the comments with a question; after that, you are free to comment on one another and are expected to read and respond to each other. Trust me I can tell.

Three Solid Rules:

1. Compose your comments in Word and paste in when you are complete. If the internet crashes while you are composing, you will lose all your work.

2. Sarcasm is basically impossible to pull off in this forum. Keep all dialogue professional, courteous, and appropriate. This is a virtual classroom and once you post your comments, there is a record of them. This is the reality of the world you live in and you may as well learn how to perform in it.

3. Never post your last name. (You do not want a literary stalker.) This site is publicly viewable. Simply write your first name, last initial and period number.

Once you have established your blogger account. Please comment about your summer reading book. Your comment should be a lengthy paragraph, discussing likes/dislikes, themes, characters, and not a mere summary. This is a trial run, but also a great way to share your thoughts.

Your first entry, which is due by Tuesday, is on the above post from Jamaica Kincaid. If you have a problem with posting or the link, email me immediately.