Thursday, October 25, 2007

Corrrecting The Sentences

And the answer is...
First Question:
Peace and quiet is rarely on the plains in spring.

Peace and quiet are rarely on the plains in spring.

CORRECT Peace and quiet is rare on the plains in spring.

Peace and quiet are rare on the plains in spring.

Peace and quiet is a term that is singular. Despite being two separate items, the expression is singular because they are thought of as a unit; therefore, it needs a plural verb. "Rarely" is an adverb and adverbs typically do not describe a verb of being. Rare is acceptable.

Second Question:
Miraculously we watched as the surgeon operated with a plastic spoon.

Correct Dumpy and overweight, our dog needs more exercise, the vet says.

As a den mother, Mrs. Glossop's station wagon was always full of Cub Scouts.

Strolling along the trail, Mount Rushmore came into view.

These are errors in dangling participles. "Miraculously" in the first sentence is describing the watching not the operating. In the second sentence, the station wagon is being described as a den mother. It is not. Lastly, "strolling along the trail" is describing Mount Rushmore. The second sentence, which is awkward, is correct. "Dumpy and overweight" is describing the dog. The sentence is not directly quoting the vet, so you do not need quotation marks. A better way of writing it is "The vet says our dog needs more exercise because she is dumpy and overweight".

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