Monday, December 17, 2007

Grammar Fun and a Way to Help this Holiday Season!

Your explication blog is below. If you have questions, please ask. It is due before the break.

Good luck on your presentations!!!! I can't wait to see them.

On the good news front, no blog over the break. However, you will be doing some writing and I found this great online grammar tool to help you with sentence combining. This is a struggle for us all. Go to this link and have fun!

ALSO - I found a great vocab building website that also donates food to United Nations World Food Program. It is called - Go there and test your knowledge and help a good cause!!! Plus, it's fun! The photos above are ones I took of the rice fields in Bali, Indonesia where I spent a month last summer.

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jimmy v. 2 said...

The word exercise is pretty fun. I only got up to like 500 grains though. :[

I wonder how they know that they're donating 11 billion. How many grains are in one sac of rice? :O