Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gang signs

WE spent much of my small group workshop creating gang signs for all of the writing for young people students. Imagine of a bunch children's literature authors flashing symbols. We also have a motto:
Adverbs are ForNEVER.
You won't find adverbs in picture books. I learned this. Interesting.

Chris Lynch read tonight. It was hysterical. The poet Spencer Reece followed. I cried. It was wonderful and beautiful. There is a poem I'm planning on sharing.

Keep reading!

-Mr. Walsh


Elaine T 4 said...

Hey Mr. Walsh, glad you're having a good time. I was wondering if you were MAKING gang signs or whether you and your collegues were ANALYSING gang signs.

Also, I was wondering if we had to finish the book by Monday, January 14 or Friday, January 18.

Katherine Z 4 said...

mr.walsh did you really cry? in front of all those people? lol just wondering hope ur having fun. =]

Mr. Walsh said...

Finish the book by the day of the midterm - I have to get grades in by Friday. Best of luck.

Yes, I cried in front of everyone. Just teared up. not waterfalls.