Friday, January 4, 2008

It begins...

Oh man oh man,

The evening started out with a reception and a wonderful cheese spread - a variety of yellows and oranges. I bumped into people from the summer. It was nice, like the first day of school. Lot of pleasantries and talk about travel and the weather.

I saw my advisor from the last semester, Susan Goodman - who wrote the wonderful book - The Truth about Poop. I love all things scatological. I met Chris Lynch. He seemed reserved, but pleasant. We (the Writing for Young People folk) have our workshop with him tomorrow. I need to think of questions to ask him - got any?

Tonight's readings were excellent.

Alexandra Johnson, a nonfiction writer, read from her book The Hidden Writer. She read about Tolstoy, the author of War and Peace, and his relationship with Sonia, his wife. The focus of the piece was does writing come out from the choices we make in life. She mentioned a wonderful Flaubert quote about writers, which I'm paraphrasing - that writers must think like a radical and have the mind of a bourgeios. Well, if that's the case, I need to think more liberally and get more money.

Anita Riggio, a YA writer, read a short story called Bingo - which I'm going to try to procure a copy, because I think you guys would love it. Very moving.

I need to read a ton tonight and avoid the temptation of Office DVDS and relaxing.

I'll blog in the morning.

Mr. Walsh

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