Sunday, January 6, 2008

A long day...

In the morning, I attended a workshop about writing that takes on the world. We explored several poems, novels, etc. that dealt with social justice issues without being preachy. I found this appropriate considering what I am exploring in my text. She basically trashed Animal Farm - I was not happy about that.

For lunch, I had a really gross pumpkin soup and some cous-cous.

After lunch, I was workshopped. This consisted of being quiet (not a problem in this setting) and having Chris Lynch and others examine the 1st forty pages of my book. People loved my humor and my characters, but want me to make some major structural changes - GRR - I knew it was coming. It was great. I love the feedback.

The best part of the workshops and everything is the people. It is totally like summer camp. We pal around and gossip and encourage each other and are already getting nostalgic. My group consists of an middle-aged woman from Connecticut, a Columbian picture-book writer, an English teacher from Dallas, and an outdoor Science teacher from San Francisco.

As for meals...dinner was better - caesar salad and stir fly. Nice.

After dinner, I saw a film version of a play by Kate Snodgrass. I will be taking a playwriting course with her this semester. She teaches at BU and is artistic director of the Boston Playwright's Theater. I'm so stoked to be working with her. The play was an interesting look at family relationships when one child is autistic. Very compelling.

I have reading to do.
-Mr. Walsh