Monday, January 7, 2008

Metaphor, Picture Books, and Chicken Parm...

This morning I learned about metaphor - and it is not simply a comparison without like or as. It is so much more than that. We talked about how all language is metaphor and how metaphor is about transfer. I have some great poems to share with you. We focused on several poems, one called The Cement Truck, about using a cement truck as a metaphor for the creation process. We also read some sudden fiction, which is prose under 2000 words that play with elements of plot, characterization, poetics, etc.

Lunch - Caesar Salad bar - AGAIN

In the afternoon, the workshop group met again. I looked at three pieces from fellow students. We spent some time working on picture books. This was totally fascinating. So so so much goes into picture books. It is really like analyzing poetry. We looked first at the text, then the pictures. It is interesting how the pictures aren't necessarily of the text, but complement the text.

Dinner - I ate with Brian Bouldrey, a non-fiction writer. He decided to give everyone American Gladiator names. Our program director was Pentameter. I was named Working Class - because I'm from Levittown. I had Chicken Parm. It was gross.

Tonight, I have to read and get ready for my meeting with Chris Lynch to design my study plan.


Jonathan C. 4 said...

Do you have to pay for any of this food or are they providing it for you guys for free? And we finish the book and do the journal entries by the end of the week right?

Mr. Walsh said...

Yes - finish the book. The food is free, but the program is not.