Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My meeting with Chris Lynch...

I met with Chris Lynch today to organize my study plan. It was great! He said he loved my work and was reading it aloud to people. He kept smiling and laughing. I couldn't help but have a dumb grin on my face.

Then, he said I needed to start over from the beginning.

I stopped grinning.

Such is the life of a writer.

I hope Separate Peace is going well. I can't wait to talk about it. I'm chomping at the bit to discuss Gene and Phineas. I have a workshop this afternoon and we'll discuss Running with Scissors and I heard Catcher in the Rye as well. I'll dominate the second I fear.

All the best, Mr. Walsh.

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Katherine Z 4 said...

LOL! why do you have to write all over again if he loved ur work?