Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Separate Peace: Webquest

Overview: For this webquest, you will do some research on the historical setting of the novel and determine its role in the story. Using the links to the websites provided, you will answer questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS that relate to where the story takes place (a New England prep school) and when the story takes place (1942, at the onset of WWII). All of your answers to these questions must be typed and handed in before the end of the period today.

Procedure: Use the links below and/or any outside knowledge you possess to answer the following questions about the historical time and place in the novel.

1. Describe the causes and outcomes of World War II. (in your own words). Infoplease

2. Describe three ways WWII affected American high school students. (in your own words)
Exeter Bulletin Articles - Click on the link and Victory Corps

3. How did attending a private school impact the life of the author of A Separate Peace, John Knowles? (be specific, referring to at least 3 examples) (in your own words) - John Knowles

4. To help under private school life, answer these questions about Philips Exeter Academy -the school upon which Devon is based. Phillips Exeter
What is non-sibi?
What is on the dining menu?
What is the Harkness method?
What are some of the the graduation requirements?
What are the admissions requirement?
How much does it cost?
Find three classes that Exeter offers that Malden does not.

I developed this and borrowed items from Lakeland Schools

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