Friday, June 13, 2008

End of the Year...

Well, thank you for this year. I have enjoyed you all as students and as people. Thank you for your hard work, your intellect, your kindness, and your humor.

I'm always a sucker for good summer music. I'm currently revisiting Neutral Milk Hotel and everything by Bruce Springsteen (great BBQ music). Post any recommendations of good summer tuness.

I'm going to live-blog my MFA week, which begins next Friday. I have a class with M.T. Anderson, the author of Feed. I found this helpful for me to remember what I was learning as well as hopefully interesting to you all.

I included a video from Bryan Adams. It is classic 1980s. Yes, I had hair like this. This song always reminds me of my teenage summers, with the world before me, wanting to be a rock star. I remember having band practice in my living room and we were really rockin' out and I was ready for my monster solo, when my mom interrupted us with Strawberry Shortcake. I knew from that moment on I was not going to be a rock star. Rock Stars don't take Shortcake breaks.

Have a safe summer. Stay out of trouble. Don't do anything genuinely stupid.

Oh, and Read.

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sandy j 2 said...

If you say so, Mr.Walsh.