Saturday, June 21, 2008

Residency: Day One

Last night was our opening reception. It was great to see people I hadn't seen in six months. There was a lot of energy and I felt ready to get back to studying and writing.

I took the opportunity coming off much praise for my reading a few weeks ago to lobby myself to be the commencement speaker for our graduating class next June. I managed (with some shady backroom dealings) to secure myself the spot as commencement speaker - a dream come true for me. I already have a title: "Writers in the Hand of an Angry God" - I plan on delivering it as a 17th century Puritan preacher, complete with whipping rod and compulsory biblical recitation. It is going to be sweet.

After the delightful lunch meat and sushi spread, we had our opening reading. I was thrilled because Susan Goodman, my advisor my first semester, read from her new book: See How They Run - It is about presidential elections. The book is hysterical and she gave some great advice to non-fiction writers. I'm going to try to get her to do a classroom visit next year. She is so funny, and would probably really make fun of me.

I don't start today until 10:45. In one great ironic twist, my reading today consisted of the chapter from On Writing Well entitled Bits and Pieces - the same one I assigned to you - proving that yes, we are still learning.

I'm off to get caffeine and perhaps a toffee bar at Starbucks - um, toffee bar.

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