Saturday, June 21, 2008


I just had two seminars on revision and ate a wonderful veggie wrap.

I want to comment on the second revision seminar - It was intense and humorous. Our class is starting to bond - awesome.

During the time, we really looked at our intentions behind scenes and characters. And, we asked ourselves these questions:

Why did you invent the characters you invented?
How am I similar to this character?
How can I heighten the similarities?

We talked about using active verbs, "word" choice, knowing our dramatic tension, line breaks, sentence variety, being able to enter the story through the backdoor, the importance of well-placed fragments, etc.

The instructor, AJ Verdelle, quoted good ole' Bill Shakespeare - "Action is eloquence" - USE ACTIVE VERBS. This is the same thing I tell you. Be active, not passive.

She told us, if we have a word more than eight letters in our work, that we better be prepared to lie on the ground and fight for it. I love long words. I'm so reminded of what I tried to convey with clutter, specifics, etc.

I'm enjoying the talks and the workshops, but I am feeling dread about my own story. I feel like a don't have a plot. This is big. REAL BIG.


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